If you have an emergency and are in Norfolk or Suffolk please call one of our help line numbers below

Emergency? Stay calm and call Tank Replacement Services.

Leaking Oil Tank !!!!  Emergency

Is your oil tank cracking or splitting? Do you have oil leaking from your tank?  Our office hours are 8.am-5 pm Monday -Friday.

If you have an emergency please call our office number on 01362 687144 If your emergency is out of hours please call David Elvin on 07974 454904 or 01603 710332 The out of hours service is for customers in Norfolk or Suffolk only with a leaking tank emergency.

You do not need to have purchased your tank from TRS in order to call us - We will try to help as quickly as we can


Some non-bunded (single skinned) plastic tanks can split and cause leaks. This is an environmental hazard, not to mention a expensive cost due to loss of oil.

Plastic non-bunded oil tanks more than 2 years old are the most vulnerable to splitting. This can be due to the effects of UV rays from the sun during very hot summer weather, or frost and freezing temperatures in the winter.

Please take a close look at your tank, and inspect it carefully. If your tank is showing any signs of small scratches or cuts, please call us for further advice

Oil Fired Boiler Breakdown !!!! Emergency

Our boiler breakdown department is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. If you should have an out of hours emergency breakdown it may be possible for us to carry out an evening or weekend visit. The cost of our (Out of Hours) service would be more expensive and we strongly recommend that you only request an emergency visit if absolutely necessary. If you have an oil fired boiler emergency, please call Simon French on 07920 489526  


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Leaking Oil Tank Emergency

If your oil tank splits or leaks out of office hours or at the weekend. Please Call our 24/7 emergency number 07974 454904 or 01603 710332 and we will do our best to help you as quickly as we can

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Oil Theft Deterent

Many of the more expensive plastic tanks come with a lockable lid. If your tank has not got a lock it is highly recommended that a good quality padlock is purchased.

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Oil Tank Removal

Following the installation of your new replacement oil tank we will safely disconnect and remove your old oil tank for removal and recycling

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Excellent Service

For over 20 years our family owned business has prided itself on polite good old-fashioned customer service with a smile